The Rize Story

The RIZE Story
A physician-triathlete’s 5-year quest to create the ultimate athletic performance “fuel”

In 2007, when Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks began competing in triathlons, he looked for a healthy, clean “fuel” to use for training and performance. Every energy and nutritional beverage on the market disappointed him. Most were simply high fructose corn syrup, carbonated water, liberal caffeine, a random amino acid here or there, and B-vitamins splashed on top just enough to make a label claim. This disappointment spurred him to invent his own beverage.

Dr. Hendricks believed he was the ideal person to pull it off. He had the medical background to understand human physiology and nutrition. He had extensive additional training and experience in human genetics, and nutritional biochemistry. In his alternative medicine practice, he had spent much of his career treating thousands of patients, including professional and top-level cyclists, weightlifters, body-builders, and triathletes.

In his exhaustive search for the perfect fuel, Dr. Hendricks consulted with leading nutraceutical companies about what supplements were available for mitochondrial support. He analyzed more than 500 documents of scientific and medical literature. He reviewed all of the pertinent data he could find, and distilled the list down to the nineteen most scientifically-proven beneficial ingredients. He then combined them into a drink in the right doses, at the right concentrations, avoiding artificial color, flavor and preservatives.

After five years and dozens of prototypes, Dr. Hendricks has achieved a truly clean, powerful, well-researched, healthy, great-tasting energy drink. He firmly believes RIZE is the best-designed drink available on the market today, just as he set out to achieve.

 RIZE is one of the first beverages to contain Trehalose, a natural ingredient. Trehalose releases twice the energy of regular sugar to give athletes a sustained surge, yet has almost no effect on the blood sugar level. Another unique ingredient is Huperzein A, which has been shown to be more beneficial for memory and cognitive function than a commonly-used, FDA-approved drug. Cumulatively, RIZE’S twenty ingredients enhance the production and utilization of energy at the cellular level. The result is a beverage that provides focused, sustained physical and mental energy.

There are even more functional beverages available today than there were in 2007, yet none compare to RIZE. Why not discover the RIZE effect for yourself? Take the 7-day challenge, comparing us to your favorite beverage. Let us know what you think!
Dr. Hendricks Bio:

University of Michigan Undergraduate / Cellular and Molecular Biology

Michigan State University Med School / Medical Doctor
Emergency Medicine Residency Brooklyn New York / NYM Hospital

Fellowship / Laboratory for gene transfer / National Institutes of Health
Laboratory for Human Genetics / Howard Hughes Medical Institute / Univ. of Michigan

Medical Director / Shoreline Occupational Medicine

Medical Director / Shoreline Integrative Medicine at South Haven Community Hospital

Medical Director / Bosch Automotive Occupational Health

Medical Director / Palisades Nuclear Power / Respiratory Protection Program
Medical Director / Biogenesis Medical and Wellness Centers
Medical Review Officer / US Coast Guard, the Department of Homeland Security