Larry Crabbe


41 year old Masters racer from Grandville, Michigan. Disciplines: Road, Criterium, Mountain, Cyclocross and Triathlons. I began riding as a kid, like most, to enjoy the freedom that cycling brings. In my late 20s I started to understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and remembered the joys of cycling. I joined my first cycling team and started racing crits and road races as a CAT 5 racer. In my 30s, I branched off into the triathlon circuit because it was good way to use my strength as a cyclist to participate in other disciplines. I race CAT 4 and Master Division, along with various triathlon distances and running races. I developed into a better, well rounded athlete, by understanding the importance of proper nutrition and training all year long. Having a clearer picture of my strengths and limitations has allowed me to enhance my performance each and every year. Today I ride for a cause. I’m using cycling to stay fit along with being a role model for my family and community. I’m a father of three, so balancing my time to train and race along with raising a family can be tough. I’m currently racing, as well as being a board member of R4AC Cycling Project. As a team we raise money for cancer patients in and around the Grand Rapids area. The past 20 years have been fun…so here’s to 20 more!