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As a distance runner I have found that Rize Drink helps me maintain my concentration to keep my mile pace more evenly timed. Rize Energy Drink both increases mental and physical stamina naturally without feeling jittery side affects and crashing. Typically caused from typical caffeine and sugar energy drinks and energy bars. Quite simply: "It's the Energy drink that Rize athletes above the competition."

      -Eric Day

I wish to thank you for giving me the opportunity to trial RIZE. I competed in the National Bench Press Champs in Wellington over the weekend and won my class and benched my personal best! I have now been selected for Oceanias in Sydney in December. I had two cans of the Apple Pear flavour. It was very pleasant to drink. I felt like I had energy and focus to the extremes! So much in fact, I won!... I have had other energy drinks in the past but have to say this was by far the best yet.
-Delwyn Evans, Health 2000 Te Awamutu

I'm an active 48 year old Cyclist ,Cycling road and mountain averaging around 100 kms a week.  I'm a father of two and enjoy sharing in there active lifestyles , I have been working as a health consultant for the past 9 years , and have also had several years experience as a personal trainer.  My diet is healthy and balanced with a good awareness of electrolytes and fluids I've been using RIZE now for 6 months and found it to be a reliable and consistent long lasting supplementary energy source, offering improved focus and a longer and higher 80% threshold , improved coordination and faster reaction times. 

Having recently completed the Tim Farmer " Woodhill Endura 360 " mountain bike race with RIZE as an integral part of my supplement routine ,I achieved better results and a much shorter recovery time ,allowing me to get on with a more advanced training routine focused on my next event.  Removing from my diet ,gels , shots and hi sugar caffeinated energy drinks and replacing them with RIZE has lifted and stabilized my energy levels. Finally a true energy drink!  Thanks RIZE!
- Duncan, Cycling Athlete
The development of the drink is a great story and I love the ingredients and I love the effects.
- Anonymous National Football League player

After a week of using RIZE, my thinking became so clear that I remember explaining to another doctor some pretty technical data and thinking to myself, I really seem to be clicking on all cylinders right now, I am usually not this clear and concise with my words and thoughts, I even have enough reserve brain power to notice this fact as I am speaking.
- Physician to another physician

As a breast cancer patient, RIZE beverage helped me get through treatments with reduced side effects. Chemotherapy zapped my energy and made it hard to focus. It felt like my body wanted to shut down to rest. I was forgetful and distracted, and found work more difficult, which caused me to be moody. I started drinking RIZE in the morning during my chemo, and at 2:00 everyday thereafter. I felt my old self coming back within a week. I was so encouraged I included the drinks in my overall nutrition plan and my memory, mood, and energy level improved substantially. It helped me snap back after each surgery as well. Because RIZE has safe ingredients that are tested for purity, I did not worry about putting something harmful in my system. I know RIZE is designed for serious athletes, but I would recommend RIZE to anyone who feels drained of their usual spark or who is having trouble with fuzzy thinking. Apple/pear is my favorite.
- Teresa Hendricks, Trial Attorney, Michigan

I gave the drink to my father-in-law without telling him what it was (he sometimes drinks Red Bull). So after he drank the RIZE, he was like “estaba bueno, que es?” so we told him what it was and all. Well, point is that he is a very serious, calm person. (He is 51 yrs old). A few minutes later after he drank the RIZE, he took away the hoola hoop from the kids and started twirling that thing from his neck and waist. It was hilarious! He ended up motivating my brother-in-law and my husband to join him. IT IS GOOOOD! :D
- Eunice Villareal, Texas

Reporting back after Warrior Dash – Midwest. Had a Worx energy shot original formula, immediately followed by the extra strength. IMMEDIATELY followed by a Monster Rehab Tea and Lemonade. Wish I could say it got me anywhere like 1/2 of a can of RIZE. You are on to something.
- Muscle Activation Chicago

I honestly liked how I felt for class. It was exactly what I was expecting! I was mentally clear and had amazing energy throughout the whole class and after!
- Jessica Sackett, Fitness Instructor

RIZE tastes great. Just enough carbonation to be refreshing during a training session without upsetting your stomach, and the energy is also good to get through training. Looking forward to sharing with the rest of my team!
- Amir Khillah, Pro MMA Fighter for Jeremy Horn’s Elite Performance Team, Lightning Kicks MMA Owner

RIZE is unlike anything I have ever had. I enjoy the smooth taste and appreciate the energy and mental focus it provides. Great product and happy to know it’s also good for you.
- Rene Rodriguez, StudioOne Creative Owner